TRAIN REGIN: Meet the newest, coolest fitness option in the NW

If you’re looking for a new and different gym experience when things open back up…

You’ll definitely want to listen to our latest episode of the Movement is Medicine Show.

We spend some time with our Doctor team along with Reign owners Willie and James.

The team digs into what makes Reign Fitness such a unique experience…

It’s not a CrossFit gym, it’s not a big box gym, rather it’s a new model that I believe many people will find very helpful.

Imagine having your own workout space and a trainer available to help you move properly who also provides you with a complete fitness plan.

Until next time,​​​​

Dr. Annie

P.S. As year-end approaches, it’s a great time to take advantage of any unused insurance benefits and fix any lingering issues you’ve been putting off. Give the front desk a call and they’ll get you booked!

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