Wrist/Elbow/Arm Pain

The Truth About Wrist, Elbow & Arm Pain

Small joints like the wrist and elbow get used and abused by everyday life.

At work, it's typing, using the mouse, helping patients, lifting things, etc.

At home you might notice your wrist or elbow just aches all the time. Picking up the kids can cause a flare up.

Even the weight of a coffee cup can start to bother your elbow, and you love coffee.

Maybe your workouts are suffering. Do some of your favorite exercises hurt?

80% of wrist, elbow & arm pain is caused by overuse and repetitive stress damage.

This is important because it means it's possible to solve your problem with soft tissue treatment..no surgery needed.

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Do you have any of the following symptoms?

When assessing your arm pain, it can be tricky to determine if you really need treatment. There are cases when rest, ice, and ibuprofen can calm things down enough that your body recovers. But if you have any of the following signs, we recommend coming in for a free assessment.

Signs You Should Get Help

  • Chronic, daily pain stopping you from everyday activities
  • Intense thumb pain or numbness in your hands
  • Weak grip: things feel like they might slip out of your hand
  • Intense elbow pain during sports or workouts
  • Night time discomfort that wakes you up with numb hands, throbbing elbows or shooting arm pains

Find out What your treatment options are

For every new or returning patient at Head 2 Toe, it starts with our expert assessment. Using our proprietary movement pattern assessment system we can understand what might be causing the problem and how to fix it.

For most patients, in just a handful of visits, we're able to provide relief and help you become symptom free.

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