Neck/Shoulder/Upper Back

Are you dealing with a pain in your neck?

Maybe you've been suffering with neck pain for years or maybe it's started to creep up recently.

It's just a part of your day you deal with because you have stuff to do: kids, jobs, spouse, house stuff.

Your neck aches all the time, it grabs on around your shoulder blade and pulls up into the muscles behind your jaw, or it starts at the base of your skull and aches down the side of you neck giving you a wicked headache.

Can you remember the last time you got a good nights sleep? Probably not since when your neck hurts, you toss and turn and wake up feeling exhausted.

Sometimes your neck feels a little looser and not so sore, and there's no headache or jaw pain.

Its great, but after an hour at work you start to feel it again.  It gets so bad you feel like you can’t stand it, you try to stretch it at your desk but that does not really help.  The top of your shoulder hurts and you feel so tight.

At night after finally getting the kids to bed you sit down with your husband on the couch and try to get comfortable.  Leaning back hurts your neck, couch cushions feel too thick or too thin and your neck hurts when you lie down.

Heck, even cuddling with your honey hurts your neck.

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This isn't how life is supposed to be.


Your body is meant to move pain free and function smoothly. Chronic, on-going neck issues aren't an unavoidable fact of growing older or having a busy life. There's a treatment plan that can help.

If you're active, it's really easy to hurt your shoulder

The shoulder joint is easy to injure. After the knee joint, it's the 2nd most damaged joint.


Certain sports like CrossFit, tennis, golf, baseball, football, and basketball all come with risk of shoulder injury.

Plus, once your shoulder is damaged, it can be frustrating and difficult to eliminate the symptoms.

The first answer in most cases, shouldn't be surgery. In our experience, 80% of the time the problem can be fixed by working on the muscles and supporting soft tissues around the shoulder.

If you are experiencing moderate to severe pain in your shoulder, schedule an assessment today.

Take action to fix your condition, schedule an assessment today

At some point, the only way to actually fix the problem is to clearly understand what is causing it.

When you schedule your first appointment, we begin with a 15 minute assessment. Your doctor will quickly determine what might be causing your issue and if we can help you.

If we aren't confident we can help or if you choose to not move forward, there's no cost or obligation for your assessment.

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