Low Back/Hip Pain

Imagine how great you'll feel when your back stops hurting

Do you currently have low back or hip pain?

Maybe our low back and hips hurt every day.

You wake up with an aching reminder you're not ok. At night you lay in bed feeling a deep burning ache in your low back. Everyday activities are challenging.

Sometimes, you're afraid you won't be able to put your socks on, let alone play with the kids, go to work and stay fit.

Most Low Back and Hip Pain Can Be Treated Without Drugs or Invasive Surgery 

If you've ever wondered what is wrong with your low back or hips, you're not alone. Here's some common concerns about low back and hip pain:

  • It is arthritis?
  • Cancer?
  • Disc injury?
  • Pirformis syndrome?
  • Degenerative disc?

80% of the time, low back and hip issues are musculoskeletal in nature.

Which is good news because this means treatment is possible without invasive surgery. Plus many patients experience relief in just a few visits.

Your Healing Journey Begins With An Assessment

The first thing you'll experience when you come in is our assessment. In less than 15 minutes your Doctor can determine what might be causing the problems. After establishing a starting point for your treatment plan, your Doctor will go to work on your issue.

Our unique treatment protocol is similar to what pro-athletes use to keep playing year after year. We use a combination of cutting edge techniques and foundational exercises designed to produce immediate results you can feel.

Treatment Over a Handful of Visits, Not dozens.

Unlike many clinics, we are able to help most patients over a handful of visits, not dozens.

Our goal is to ensure you don't get 'over-treatment' for what's bothering you. At the same time, we want to make sure we uncover the real problem, fix it and give you the tools to maintain your progress.

Simply click to call or email Us to schedule your assessment.

The next step is getting you in for your assessment. In the case that we can't help you or you choose to not move forward with treatment, your assessment is free.

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