Active Rehabilitation and Movement Prep

Active Therapeutic Rehabilitation:

Head 2 Toe’s corrective exercise, functional rehabilitation and movement prep program is a pivotal piece of the multi-faceted care that you will receive from Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy.

Restoring your life back to normal following an injury, surgery, or a painful condition requires a number of parameters be in place. At Head 2 Toe we understand that in addition to rest, healing time and soft tissue and joint mobilization, your body needs to be prepared for movement again. Our rehabilitation is Doctor driven and supervised, and lead by our licensed Athletic Trainers and Sports Doctors.

Our Goal is to prepare your body for movement and load, so that when you leave our clinic you can work out, or just go back to normal living and NOT reinjure yourself.

We understand that correcting any major muscle imbalances is vital. Muscle imbalances prevent your joints from aligning and functioning properly, which in turn will disrupt your ability to move and put you at risk for further injury.  We also understand that an injury will ‘shut’ certain muscles down, and that those muscles need to be reeducated and repatterned so that you can function properly.

This is why Head 2 Toe Clinicians will examine how your body functions as a whole using a Functional Movement Evaluation before prescribing rehabilitation exercises. We understand that movement is a coordinated effort involving your brain, nervous system and muscles and that any of these pieces can become dysregulated following an injury.  We find your ‘weak’ links and fix them, then build your bodies durability, balance and stability.

Functional Range Conditioning:

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) was developed by world renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina. It is comprehensive joint training system based on scientific principals and research.

FRC is a system of creating, controlling, and expanding useable range of motion, defined as mobility. Unlike flexibility which is typically achieved passively, FRC uses tension and isometrics to minimize neurological safeguards that inhibit mobility in the first place.

It is designed to progressively convince the brain to release its protective stronghold on tissues at the cellular level.


Rock Tape :

Rock Tape does a number of things to aid in healing. Initially it turns down the voume on pain, by interfering with pain signals. It speeds healing by slightly lifting skin away from sore or injured tissues, improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

It normalizes muscle activity and can both help bring dormant muscles back to life and turn down overactive muscles. Rock Tape also helps supports injured joints and muscles without impeding their range of motion.

Complete Service in One Location:

Head 2 Toe’s Active Therapeutic Rehabilitation is a vital and unique piece of your personalized treatment program.

By providing this service in conjunction with soft tissue mobilization and chiropractic manipulation, we are able to provide you with a complete service all under one roof, saving you time, energy and money.