Our Services

Modern Manual Therapy

Our clinicians are certified in several innovative, proven, and effective treatment methods to effectively manage soft tissue injuries. Head 2 Toe uses gentle chiropractic care in combination with soft tissue mobilization to relieve pain and restore muscle strength and stability. We also use neuromuscular and strength driven rehabilitation techniques to improve muscle activity, further stabilizing your joints and preventing re-injury.  

Massage Therapy

Massage plays an important role as a supplement to standard rehabilitation procedures after injury or surgery, by helping to bring blood and nutrients to the affected area to repair the soft tissue. Massage also can help break up scar tissue and keep the muscles supple so less scar tissue develops in the first place. This allows the rehabilitating area(s) to become more flexible and heal at an accelerated rate.

Active Rehabilitation and Movement Prep

Head 2 Toe’s corrective exercise, functional rehabilitation, and movement prep program is a pivotal piece of the multi-faceted care that you will receive from Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy.  At Head 2 Toe we understand that in addition to rest, healing time and soft tissue and joint mobilization, your body needs to be prepared for movement again.


Chiropractors are Doctors and are trained to diagnose and manage orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues. They are specialists in orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, overuse injuries, soft tissue injuries and joint mechanics, as well as their effect on your nervous system. Chiropractors are like most healthcare providers in that they have a large toolbox of techniques they can apply in response to health issues.

Nerve Therapy

Clinical Neurodynamics is an incredible therapy to treat nerve conditions of the spine or extremities. Nerve conditions include sciatica, bulging discs, pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, among others. If you have ever experienced any of the following symptoms, you could benefit from a clinical neurodynamics assessment: burning, stabbing, or electrical pain down one or both legs or arms, numbness and/or tingling, shooting pain, throbbing neck or lower back pain, or inability to sit/stand for long periods of time. Due to the complexity of nerve conditions, this technique system can help to specifically narrow down the source of your pain to give you the most specific treatment plan to get you feeling better.