Learning to Move Again: The Challenges of Post-Surgery Rehab 

Menopause Weight Loss Myths: What You Really Need To Know About Food & Fitness Movement is Medicine

In this episode, our host Dr. Annie sits down with women's fitness expert Chryssie to tackle some common misconceptions about menopause and shed light on what's really important for women to know during this phase of life. They dive into the hype around intermittent fasting, especially as it's often recommended for menopausal women, and discuss why it might not be the best approach. Chryssie explains how women’s bodies respond differently to energy restrictions compared to men and why adopting strategies that work specifically for women's unique needs is essential. Key Points Discussed: Intermittent Fasting: Understanding why it's often recommended but may not be suitable for menopausal women. Exercise and Energy Restriction: How combining fasting with exercise can backfire. Differences Between Men and Women: Emphasizing that women are not just smaller versions of men and have different metabolic needs. Additional Resources: www.buildwithchryssie.com Join the Conversation: Follow us on social media @head2toe Share your thoughts and experiences with menopause using the hashtag #MenopauseMyths
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The long road back after an ACL tear – what to expect in ACL rehab.

If you’ve recently torn your ACL or had reconstructive surgery, you probably have a lot of questions about what rehab and recovery entail. The road ahead may seem long, but don’t lose hope! With hard work, perseverance and the right recovery plan, you can get back to the activities you love. 

The ACL is one of the major ligaments in your knee that provides stability and allows for a range of motion. Rebuilding your knee’s strength and range of motion after surgery is key. Rehab starts right away and continues for months. But don’t go it alone – work with a team who can tailor a program to your needs. Rehab is a journey and there will be ups and downs, but focusing on small wins and milestones will keep you motivated. 

The early stages (0-2 months)

The priority is reducing pain and inflammation while restoring some range of motion and strength. You’ll start physical therapy and exercises like heel slides, quad sets, and leg raises. Use crutches to avoid full weight bearing for 6-8 weeks. icing your knee regularly can help with pain and swelling. 

After about 2 months, you can put full weight on your leg. Your range of motion and strength continue improving with exercises that incorporate balance, stretching, and light activity like walking or biking. You’ll work on re-learning proper movement and alignment. Continue icing and attend regular therapy sessions.

The middle stages (3-6 months) 

This is where you start higher level exercises that prepare you for more intense activity. Ride a stationary bike, do bodyweight exercises like squats and step ups, and practice agility drills. Your balance, flexibility, and strength improve each week. Swimming or light jogging on flat ground can be started towards the end of this stage if cleared by your doctor. 

The final stages (6+ months) 

Full recovery can take 6-12 months but now you can look to return to normal activity and sport. Continue strength and balance exercises. When you can jog without pain, try running on uneven ground. Pivot, cut and jump exercises prepare you for sport specific activity. 

ACL rehab requires patience and hard work to be successful. Stay active and engaged in your recovery, get the right professional support, and listen to your body. You will get where you want to be if you don’t lose hope and stay focused on progress, not perfection!

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