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Squat Mobility: How to Improve Your Squat

Snatch & Clean: How to Improve Your Mobility

Deadlift: How to Improve Your Mobility & Protect the Low Back

Pull-Ups: How to Activate & Protect Your Shoulders

Knee Pain: How to Diagnosis & Treat

Bicep Tendonitis: How to Diagnosis & Treat

Neck Pain: How to Diagnosis & Treat

How to Find & Release Trigger Points

Hip Pain: How to Release & Find Relief Fast

Foot Pain & Immobility: How to Release

Mid-Back Pain: Find Relief Fast Using a Simple Release

Glute & TFL Release for Sore Glutes, Knees, and Low Back


How to Prep for Winter Sports (prevent injury, stay out longer, and have more fun)

By Dr. Annie Armstrong | January 26, 2022

How to Prep for Winter Sports with Dr. James Bradley Brace Yourselves…Winter is Here!  The leaves have fallen and there is snow in the mountains.  If you’re like me, this means that you are starting to get antsy about making those first turns in some fresh powder.  Besides getting our skis and snowboards waxed and…

The 6 Pillars of Health: A Framework to Achieve Your 2022 Health Goals

By Dr. Annie Armstrong | January 19, 2022

Meet Dr. James Bradley – Our Newest RockStar Doctor

By James Bradley | December 8, 2021

Meet Doctor James Bradley DC MS James’ first experience with chiropractic care came in high school.  Whether he was involved in wrestling, football, or baseball injuries were common. James experienced ankle sprains, shoulder dislocations, and rib injuries, but it wasn’t until his 20’s that he experienced his first bout of low back pain. Through all…

How to Avoid Holiday Burnout

By Dr. Lee Schuster | November 24, 2021

How to Use Micro-movements and Mini-breaks to Prevent Injury

By James Bradley | November 17, 2021

We’ve all been there…sitting at your desk, on your couch, or favorite chair and staring at your computer or phone for the better part of the last hour.  Most likely hunched over or slouched, with your shoulders rounded and head and neck looking down or protruding forward. If I just described you, don’t take any…

New Clinic October 18th: Here’s What You Need to Know

By Barry Napier | October 4, 2021

Big News: Head 2 Toe is Moving to a New Location October 2021

By Dr. Annie Armstrong | August 25, 2021

Rebuild. Restore. Repair. The 3 phases to healing at Head 2 Toe.

By Barry Napier | July 21, 2021

Getting injured is never fun, but it can be even worse when you’re not sure how to recover. It’s hard to know what exercises are safe for your injury and which ones could make things worse. Plus, there are so many different types of injuries that need different kinds of recovery plans. Most people just…

Aging & Injury: Why it happens & What you can do about it

By Dr. Annie Armstrong | June 14, 2021

What’s for lunch? A guide to making lunch awesome.

By Barry Napier | May 12, 2021