• Betsey, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Through the years, the combination of ART and chiropractic has been fabulous and she has seen me through many different issues and injuries; there is such all-round support for healing and strengthening.

  • Mandy, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    I have suffered from neck pain and headaches for 11 years. I have gone to physical therapy and other chiropractors, but never felt 100% better; I feel better than I ever have before! I have not had a headache in months, and my neck feels completely healed. I am so thankful for this team…

  • Melinda, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Head 2 To Chiropractic has a phenomenal cast of staff to help with all your healthcare needs from spinal manipulation, Active Release Technique to rehabilitation from an injury. My frozen shoulder is back on its way to full range of motion and my ankle injury is healing nicely. They all take the time to really understand your condition and the best options for getting better quickly…

  • Susan Fleenor, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Dr. Annie Armstrong and her staff are the best! Every time I have had any pain, strain, or irritation, Dr. Annie was able to diagnose the cause, treat it, and get me back out there training. Not only did they treat my issue, I would get specific exercises to help correct any imbalance, and prevent it from recurring. They were key in helping me to stay healthy while training for my triathlons and mountain bike racing. I am so grateful to them!

    Susan Fleenor
  • Rachel G, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    The professionals at Head 2 Toe are the best of the best. I'm a long time recreational endurance junky and value their expertise. I trust them to help stay fit and healthy to do all the things I love to do. I would recommend Head 2 Toe to anyone who is active in anyway.

    Rachel G
  • Alexandra K, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Awesome staff and doctors! Went in with arm numbness and shoulder/neck pain and three weeks later I'm feeling great with no more numbness! Thank you guys so much :)

    Alexandra K
  • Brett B, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    As an endurance athlete I have spent much time on the adjustment table under the amazing hands of Dr Price and staff. Thank you for keeping me healthy and happy!

    Brett B
  • Jessica K, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Love this place! I've been going here for years. Dr. Annie and the gang will really take care of you.

    Jessica K
  • Lena K, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Thank you again!!! You guys are an awesome team of professionals and I look forward to my future treatments at your clinic!!

    Lena K
  • Kristen B, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Just had a much needed adjustment by Dr. Price! And a wonderful massage from Dean! Thank you!!

    Kristen B
  • Ann B, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Everyone knows how much I love this place and the work everyone does! They work miracles.

    Ann B
  • Angela B, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Dr. Annie and her team have been AMAZING to work with and they are good at what they do. I never thought my body could recover as quickly as it has after seeing them. My fitness includes running, HIIT, and strength training. I went in with knee pain and hip pain before the Seattle Half and they whipped me into shape for a successful run and to keep me injury free. Then I had to see them after for a recovery adjustment. I walk in with pain and walk out feeling amazing.

    At the end of December I pulled my bicep muscle and I was worried I would be out a week or two from training, but Annie worked her magic, taped me up, and I was back at it the next day.

    Just recently, I had the worst cold every in my life, the coughing was horrible. One night after having a major coughing fit I felt major discomfort and sharp pains any time I coughed in my right rib cage. It was so painful, even just to push on a door. Went to see Annie and found I had rotated my rib cage from coughing. Again, after some amazing work from Kevin and then Annie's adjustment I felt so much better.

    Their hands are magic, I swear. Highly recommend Annie and her team. They are so knowledgeable about the human body and how it all works together. I have learned so much from them about my own body and what it needs to function for injury free training. Go see them, I promise you will walk out a new you.

    Angela B
  • Dylan O'N, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Head2Toe really stands out in 2 ways.

    First, they are REALLY good at what they do. I have chronic back pain and whenever I leave their offices, I feel amazing and almost pain free. They help me understand what's going on and have given me exercises to help with the pain when I'm not getting treatment, all of which have helped immensely as well.

    Second, they are just genuine, nice people. It's rare to receive the warmth and kindness that the staff at Head2Toe put forth.

    Since going to Head2Toe, my pain has gotten much better! I will be a life long customer of Head2Toe.

    Dylan O'N
  • Carolyn C, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Dr. Annie and Brittney are miracle workers truly. After my auto accident I was all twisted up. With ART therapy and DR Annie's gentle Chiropractic techniques, I have gotten much better. The friendly atmosphere at Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy helps to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you have spine and or sports injuries I highly recommend this ART technique.

    Carolyn C
  • Theresa R, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    I walked in to Dr. Annie and Britney at Head 2 Toe with decades old chronic pain and injury in my feet (bunion), shoulder and quad/hamstring/area. As an avid tennis player, and not getting any younger, I knew I needed to try, try to get these injuries managed if not fixed.

    Dr. Annie used a lot of Active Release therapy on me that helped me unstick the stuck, and release bound up muscles I had. The most interesting part was to watch both her and Brittany (awesome PT there) go to places like my ankle and foot to help heal the parts further up my leg that weren't working properly. So using Active Release and exercises at home I was able to build up the muscles in my foot, release a stiff ankle joint and the upper leg problems were helped immensely. Similar techniques were used for my neck and shoulders.

    If you've tried others and have not had success, try Head 2 Toe... they are lovely people with effective skill/techniques to help you heal.

    Theresa R
  • Karen H, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    Dr. Annie and Brittney are the best! I have been to many different doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, but no one else has given me the level of care and dedication to getting to the root of my problem. Dr. Annie has magic hands and her ability to feel and treat with ART is beyond amazing. Brittney is so passionate about what she does, and she did not give up until she found a solution that worked for me. I highly recommend them!

    Karen H
  • Michael R, Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy Testimonials

    My experience with Head 2 Toe was fantastic. The professionals are knowledgeable and caring and work with you to customize an approach that suits the individual and produces results.

    I visited them with a 10 year old groin injury that I was convinced was chronic, as I had given up on recovery after thousands of dollars of MRIs, sonograms and PT that treated the symptom but didn't alleviate the problem. After a few visits with Dr. Annie and Brittney, I was not only pain free, but able to participate in sports that I had not done in a decade.

    Also, this establishment does not gouge you with long term maintenance regimens. As a patient, I learned more about the nuances of my anatomy, what exercises and movements were beneficial and which were not. I left not only healthier and able to engage activities that I had assumed were beyond my physical capacity.

    I highly recommend this establishment!

    Michael R


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