Life’s an endurance sport. If you’re ready to rock it, so are we.

Providing the Edmonds community with soft tissue release, modern chiropractic techniques and athletic training. Together, they give you sweet relief, head to toe.
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Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy

We're Different. Here's Why.

Three specialties, all in one place.

Combining chiropractic, soft tissue release, and athletic training techniques lets us go deep to relieve athletic injury or everyday pain. This unique approach is our claim to fame.

Get your body back in several visits, not dozens.

We’re not a typical twice-a-week for 10 weeks kind of practice. Using our combination of techniques, we get your body moving better, faster.

We could treat pro athletes, but we chose you for a reason.

Our team believes it helps the most people by taking our philosophy mainstream. Sure, we treat athletes. But we treat everybody else too – couch to 5k and beyond.

Edmonds Chiropractic


Are you dealing with chronic pain in your back or neck? Do you experience a radiating pain in your hips or legs? Or are you suffering from headaches, ‘brain fog’ and a general sense of day-to-day malaise? If so, your body is trying to tell you that something’s wrong, and our Edmonds-based team is here to help!

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Edmonds Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Our clinicians are certified in several innovative, proven, and effective treatment methods to effectively manage soft tissue injuries. Head 2 Toe uses gentle chiropractic care in combination with soft tissue mobilization to relieve pain and restore muscle strength and stability.

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Edmonds Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation

Our athletic training staff at Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy use the results of your functional movement evaluation to prescribe exercises and stretches that address the cause of your issue, not just the symptoms.

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Injuries We Treat

The categories of injury we treat are classic, but our treatment plans are tailored to fit you precisely.

Overuse Injuries in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy

Overuse Injuries

Muscles, fascia, nerves, tendons and ligaments make up your soft tissue, which bear the brunt of repetitive actions done without proper support or posture. Think typing, lifting or dribbling the basketball for years on end. We’ll help you heal these micro traumas, unstick your fascia and give your tendons relief.

Sports Injury in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy

Sports Injury

We call it Functional Rehabilitation. It’s for horseback riders, curlers, weekend warriors… name a sport. We’ve healed athletes of all kinds. First we target the root cause of the injury. Is it lack of flexibility, weakness, or unresolved previous injuries? Then our team of athletic specialist speed you to healing through their mastery of Chiropractic care and leading edge soft tissue release therapies including Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Myofascial Release, and Rocktape.

General Body Pain in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy

General Body Pain

Sitting too much, sleeping the wrong way, a body can get kinked up by just living life. All the types of treatment we discussed for other injuries work very well for body pain you just can’t categorize.

Injuries from Car Accident in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy

Injuries from Car Accident

You can get whiplash even at one to two miles per hour and it can cause tremendous pain in your neck and spine. Whiplash impacts your facet joints, ligaments and spinal muscles, and our Chiropractic Doctors are especially skilled in healing this kind of injury.


What People Are Saying

Still need convincing? Check out what people are saying about us.



Through the years, the combination of ART and chiropractic has been fabulous and she has seen me through many different issues and injuries; there is such all-round support for healing and strengthening. ....

Caycee H.

Caycee H.

Thanks Dr Annie! Pain-free summit last weekend :) ....



I have suffered from neck pain and headaches for 11 years. I have gone to physical therapy and other chiropractors, but never felt 100% better; I feel better than I ever have before! I have not had a headache in months, and my neck feels completely healed. I am so thankful for this team! ....



Head 2 To Chiropractic has a phenomenal cast of staff to help with all your healthcare needs from spinal manipulation, Active Release Technique to rehabilitation from an injury. My frozen shoulder is back on its way to full range of motion and my ankle injury is healing nicely. They all take the ....

Susan Fleenor

Susan Fleenor

Dr. Annie Armstrong and her staff are the best! Every time I have had any pain, strain, or irritation, Dr. Annie was able to diagnose the cause, treat it, and get me back out there training. Not only did they treat my issue, I would get specific exercises to help correct any imbalance, and prevent ....

Get Stretched, Unwind and Care for your Spine.

Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy offers a patient-centered approach to healthcare. This dedicated team of providers has mastered the innovative manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques to get you better and keep you injury free.

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