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Squat Mobility: How to Improve Your Squat

Snatch & Clean: How to Improve Your Mobility

Deadlift: How to Improve Your Mobility & Protect the Low Back

Pull-Ups: How to Activate & Protect Your Shoulders

Knee Pain: How to Diagnosis & Treat

Bicep Tendonitis: How to Diagnosis & Treat

Neck Pain: How to Diagnosis & Treat

How to Find & Release Trigger Points

Hip Pain: How to Release & Find Relief Fast

Foot Pain & Immobility: How to Release

Mid-Back Pain: Find Relief Fast Using a Simple Release

Glute & TFL Release for Sore Glutes, Knees, and Low Back


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How to Get Back into Shape without Getting Hurt

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The Easiest Release to Fix Mid-Back Pain

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Happy Holidays from Head 2 Toe! Wishing You the Best!

By Barry Napier | December 23, 2020

TRAIN REGIN: Meet the newest, coolest fitness option in the NW

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If you’re looking for a new and different gym experience when things open back up…You’ll definitely want to listen to our latest episode of the Movement is Medicine Show.We spend some time with our Doctor team along with Reign owners Willie and James.The team digs into what makes Reign Fitness such a unique experience…It’s not…

Why Self Care Matters More Than Ever

By Dr. Annie Armstrong | October 19, 2020

Hi, it’s Dr. Annie Armstrong here Head 2 Toe Spine and Sports Therapy… So as many of you know, I have two teenage boys and currently with zoom school… They are working me hard. I feel like I don’t have any time and you know what? I’m quite frankly not prepared to be a teacher.…

How One Workout Can Destroy Your Low Back

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Join Dr. Lee, Dr. Tim, and our favorite host Barry on the latest episode of the Movement is Medicine Show to learn how a single workout can destroy a low back… And what you can do about it! The crew covers at-home care, how you can tell if you need professional help, how long to…

The Head 2 Toe Origin Story Episode

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We just released a new podcast episode that I think you’ll enjoy…It’s the origin story episode where I share all about how I got started, my inspiration for starting Head 2 Toe, and even how I came up with the name.It’s a short, fun episode that I hope will put a smile on your face.You…