I founded Head 2 Toe in 2005, with the desire to provide everyone with the same therapy that top athletes use around the world!

- Dr. Annie Armstrong

Our Goals

Feel Great Again

The goal of Head 2 Toe is simple: to get you feeling great again and moving like you were meant to.

Think about when you were younger, think about how children move...effortlessly, with boundless energy and grace.

Yet as we age, our bodies experience stress, trauma and things begin to breakdown.

Like a car we need to tune up, maintain and regularly get treatments to keep our bodies functioning properly.

At Head 2 Toe we specialize in getting your body moving properly again.

Provide you with a unique Experience

Walking into Head 2 Toe, you will notice that things are different than your usual clinic. 

The reception staff is warm, friendly, and personable and their number one goal is to help you.

You will not be kept waiting long. Your exam and treatment time will be unique to your needs and designed for your specific injury.

We love to listen to what you have to say about your body which is why during your exam, treatment, or rehabilitation, we are never looking to rush you out the door.

Our staff will take a look at how you are currently moving and then teach you how to move better.

Set You Up For Long-Term Success

The greatest part of the experience is knowing you are getting the exact right treatment, not too much, not too little, but just what you need to feel great again.

Imagine looking back to see how far you have come from stepping into the clinic, to walking out as of Head 2 Toe with a skip in your step.

Unlike clinics that attempt to push months of treatment, we can typically provide immediate relief in a handful of visits and equip you with the self-care solutions to maintain your health long-term.

We will get you fixed up and help you figure out how to prevent the problem from coming back. 


Meet Our Staff