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Sports Injury

Stiff, swollen, inflamed joints make everyday activities hard.

There is no reason to suffer with chronic pain or give up hope of doing what you love again. We work with you to solve the current issue, teach you how to stop it from happening in the future and get you back in action!

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Auto Injury

Auto Injuries are traumatic
on many levels.

The most common physical injuries we treat are whiplash injuries to the neck and damage to the joints, ligaments and muscles along the spine. Our gentle corrective treatments will help you heal and return to regular life.


Low Back Pain

8 out of 10 Americans will suffer from low back pain.

Too much sitting, tight muscles & ligaments, aging and accidents can all cause chronic low back pain. Using every tool and technique at our disposal, we seek to provide immediate relief and a lasting solution for your back.

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Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot Pain

Stiff, swollen, inflamed lower extremities make everyday activities hard.

In our experience, you need to consider the entire lower leg when addressing knee issues. Issues with ankle mobility can create knee or feet problems over time. Our treatment approach ensures we provide immediate relief and a lasting solution for your legs.


Neck Pain & Headaches

Neck pain is the most common cause of muscle tension headaches.

A stiff neck is often to blame for chronic headaches. Fortunately, these conditions can be treated using a variety of non-surgical techniques.

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Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Pain

Upper extremity pain typically stems from overuse injuries. 

The joints, ligaments and muscle tissues become shorted, enflamed, and irritated. Our non-surgical treatments are designed to restore movement and eliminate the chronic discomfort your daily lifestyle might be causing.

We Know What To Do

Our 3 Step Treatment Plan


Step 1: REPAIR

The first thing you want is to feel better. The focus will be on reducing your pain and inflammation. This will be done with chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue work, gentle corrective exercise, and guidance on movement patterns so that your body can turn down pain signals and start healing.



Now that you are feeling better, it is time to focus on stabilizing your core and re-patterning your muscles. We'll do a functional movement exam so we can find out if your muscles are working like they should. This phase of care will include soft tissue work and chiropractic adjustments but will focus more on rewiring and stabilizing your body so that you can reduce your risk of reinjury.

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You should be feeling good now, but we want you to be bulletproof. During this phase, we will retest you to identify dysfunctional patterns of movement and areas that lack stability. Once these are addressed we will test your body’s ability to withstand load and address speed and agility as needed

Movement is Medicine

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Movement is Medicine

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