Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are injuries to our soft tissues which are muscle, fascia, nerves, tendons and ligaments.Soft tissue injuries are thought to occur at a rate of up to 200 billion a year. Despite this huge number, soft tissue injuries are poorly diagnosed and often mismanaged. Most overuse injuries are due to repetitive lifting, repetitive strain injuries (like typing), repetitive sports without proper self-care, or prolonged poor posture. These activities create microtrauma (small tears in your muscles) and hypoxia (lack of blood flow to your muscles), both of which can cause damage to your muscles and accumulation of scar tissue in your muscles. These groups of muscles then get ‘stuck’ together and can to longer move freely against one another. The muscles shorten and get stiff, pulling on tendons and causing tendon injuries to occur. These injuries can be debilitating and are affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.


Hip weakness is a common finding in most running, cycling, low back, and lifting injuries. It is also a common postpartum pain to experience. The hips are the powerpacks of the body and hence, need to move and be strong in order to fight against preventable injuries. The hip is a complex and deeply muscular structure that is negatively affected by poor foot mobility and diminished lumbar stability. Many of us have poor posture which, when carried into weight lifting, can have devastating consequences on our low backs. The hips also tend to be weak in many athletes who have the primary goal of achieving forward motion, like running and cycling. A tight hip can lead to nerve entrapment, bursitis and tendinitis in the hip.

Treatment of Hip Pain

Head 2 Toe uses Active Release Technique to remove scar tissue from the hip musculature, this both reduces pain and increases the muscles functionality. Most athletes find that after they have an Active Release Technique treatment they have increased speed, power and agility. It is also key that the hip is strong in all planes of motion. We will take you through a functional movement exam in order to provide you with an effective exercise and active rehabilitation program to correctly strengthen your hips.


Why does knee pain occur?

The knee is the stable joint between the mobile hip and the mobile ankle. When anything goes wrong with the hip or ankle, the knee takes a hit. The knee also has the added complexity of the patella (also known as the kneecap), which is perfectly fitted to slide back and forth over the knee joint with every step we take. The position of the kneecap is dependent on all the structures that attach to it and how tight they are!

Getting Knee Pain Relief

In order to effectively treat your knee pain and ensure that the joint is tracking properly, we will analyze your gait, examine the integrity of your knee joint, and check all of the muscles and ligaments controlling the position of the knee and patella. Then, using active rehabilitation we will work to strengthen the hip, knee, ankle and foot as necessary in order to get you back to pain free activity.

We use a natural approach to knee pain relief by strengthening the hip, knee, ankle and foot for a full recovery. If you have been suffering from knee pain and want to get back to your pain-free lifestyle, make your appointment today.


Causes of Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is an inherently unstable joint dependent on the mobile thoracic spine and the stable periscapular muscles (the muscles holding your shoulder blades down) to achieve its full mobility with stability. Most shoulders suffer the consequences of soft tissue and joint restrictions caused by our habitually formed and over-trained forward flexed posture, combined with weakness of the periscapular muscles and core.

Shoulder Pain Relief using Active Release Technique Treatments, Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

In many cases, shoulder injuries and shoulder pain can be managed before surgery by first addressing the soft tissue restrictions with Active Release Technique treatments. Then the focus is on retraining the muscle’s functionally to support shoulder movement and bring shoulder pain relief.

The clinicians at Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy recognize that a properly functioning core is the foundation for movement. Your treatment will address your core stability and thoracic mobility with chiropractic adjustments, Active Release treatments and active rehabilitation to provide natural shoulder pain relief before surgery is necessary. Call today to make your appointment.


Causes of Wrist Pain, Elbow Pain and Carpal Tunnel

Tennis Elbow and Golfers elbow are common painful conditions that occur from repetitive actions of the arm. You will have pain on the outside or inside of the elbow and difficulty with gripping, moving the wrist in certain directions, grabbing heavy jugs of milk from the fridge etc. Generally, there is inflammation and irritation of the tendons attaching to the outside or inside of the elbow. Both these conditions require fairly aggressive soft tissue mobilization, and specifically selected exercises that strengthen and address all the structures of the involved kinetic chain (forearm, wrist, and shoulders).

Carpal Tunnel is a common workplace injury from keyboard use. Repeated keystrokes cause chronic irritation to soft tissue (nerves, muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons). This irritation creates lack of blood flow, friction and pressure, which eventually leads to small tears within the soft tissue. These in turn cause inflammation, decreased circulation, and swelling which can affect the median nerve of the hand. To treat carpal tunnel you must address the soft tissue component, nerve entrapment, posture, body mechanics, ergonomics and core stability. Rest is also a very important recovery tool.

The Clinicians and Head 2 Toe are uniquely trained to manage these difficult and chronic upper extremity conditions.

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