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  • Chiropractic in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy - Exercise Reduces Aging!

    Exercise Reduces Aging!

    By: Dr. Annie Armstrong
    We all know that exercise is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. But, did you know that it can add years to your life? A recent study found mice that ran on a treadmill a couple times a week for five months staved off premature aging in almost every organ of their bodies. This study was published February 21, 2011, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . This is one of the most powerful pieces of data ever published proving that exercise is indeed an anti-aging remedy. In addition to anti-aging, exercise decreases your risk of getting a wide assortment of chronic illnesses. Here is a list of conditions that physical ....

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  • Chiropractic in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy - Control your blood sugar and Sleep Better!

    Control your blood sugar and Sleep Better!

    By: Dr. Annie Armstrong Many of us have heard of high blood sugar. We know it’s linked to diabetes, one of the most prevalent diseases in this country. However, must of us are not aware of the blood sugar roller coaster and how to stabilize our blood sugar and improve our sleep. Many of us wake up at 3 am and in most cases waking at 3 am is not a true sleep problem, it’s a blood sugar problem.
    If you are carrying around stubborn belly fat that you can’t seem to get rid of, have frequent cravings for sugar or starchy foods (especially before bedtime) and often wake in the middle of the night, you most likely have a blood sugar issue. So what happens when you have a nice ....

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  • Goals vs Intentions and How to Use Them

    By Dr. Annie Armstrong
    As many of you know, I meet weekly with my Business Coach/Therapist. She is such a valuable resource to me, as she allows me to gain perspective on areas of my life that I am blind to. Last week she gave me the valuable lesson of setting daily intentions. This has become so important to me, that I thought it worth sharing. As a businesswoman, I am a GREAT goal setter. I set goals for my company every quarter. I set performance goals for my clinicians and myself. I set goals for my patients! I set personal goals as well in the realm of diet and exercise. So, when my Coach/Therapist suggested a ritual of daily intentions, I had no idea of how to separate them from ....

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  • Should I Ice?

    It has been the status quo for decades, when you’re hurt: rest, ice, compression, elevation. In recent years, though, research and experience have started to question this recipe. Naturally, there’s a lot of speculation floating around these days, so we wanted to provide a clear take on the big question: should I ice? The answer: it depends!
    I know, really clear, right? Well, it all depends on 3 things:
    The nature of the injury
    The Location
    Other treatments being administered This is as simple as we can make it:
    Do Ice:

    Acute injuries
    ...but not too much or to soon! With an acute injury, you will see lots of swelling (inflammation). It is a normal and healthy ....

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  • Why We Love Foam Rollers

    Foam Rollers have become a staple in gyms and clinics all over the country. So why are healthcare and exercise professionals so fond of these cylindrical entities? Let's break it down: 1. They're multi-taskers
    Foam rollers are great for relieving discomfort and pain by loosening tight musculature and relieving aching knots. But did you also know that rolling after a workout can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness
    , the kind that sets in 36-48 hours following a workout? And rolling before your workout can help free up shortened tissues
    allowing your joints and muscles to work in a more ideal way; it can actually help you move better
    . There are also techniques to help you relieve ....

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  • Spring Bike Tune-up

    The sunnier weather is out so it is time to break out the bike. If you have not recently used your bike, here are some tips before you get rolling and racking up the mileage. The basics of bike checkup: The ABCs ( A ir, B rakes, C hain). Air:
    How much air you need depends on your tire size. Sometimes manufacturers have maximum and recommended levels (PSI). Check the sidewalls for the maximum PSI levels. General rule of thumb is to be at least 10% less than the maximum levels. Another indicator for levels is comfort, if you would like a supple ride, let out more air. For example, a 25mm tire is rated for 95-125 psi. Personally, I use 100 for the front and 110 on the back. ....

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  • Chiropractic in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy - SLOW DOWN THE WEAR AND TEAR


    On BOTH your body AND your running shoes
    Similar to food, running shoes have a shelf life, whether we wear them or not. Shoe materials deteriorate over time, both with mileage and when they sit in your closet slowly breaking down. As a humorous thought, maybe running shoes should have an expiration date stamp on the material to prevent using ‘expired’ shoes. Research has shown that rotating your shoes has been proven to prevent injuries. By rotating from model to model, you are allowing your strike pattern, middle stance and toe off, to change just enough to allow your body not to overstress the same muscles and joints. When running in the same model over and over, your ....

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  • Chiropractic in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy - Dr. Annie's Foam Rolling Tips and Top Three Favorites Exercises

    Dr. Annie's Foam Rolling Tips and Top Three Favorites Exercises

    Foam rolling is an awesome and easy self-myofascial release technique that really works. There are a few basic rules to follow so that you don’t get hurt and get maximum benefit from it.
    First off, don’t roll directly on bone or bursae. Bursae’s are like little pillows for your tendons, and are found mainly in areas where there are many tendon attachments. Click on the links below and follow my video’s, I will point out these landmarks to you. Second, to get the best results from foam rolling, use the roller to search out trigger points in your muscles, then once you find them relax onto the roller and let the roller sink into your sore muscle. Make sure you ....

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  • Chiropractic in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy - SERIES: Part 1 – Auto Accidents, Effects of Whiplash

    SERIES: Part 1 – Auto Accidents, Effects of Whiplash

    There are many very interesting points regarding whiplash injuries which I’ll be sharing with you over a series of newsletters. Did you know the weight of the average skull can range from 10 to 12 lbs? That’s the weight of a bowling ball sitting on top of a stick. What are the effects of the head whipping back and forth out of control? The science and medical communities have become aware of the dynamics involved during football collisions. Recent research has demonstrated that concussions frequently occur from low impact auto accidents. These points and other will be discussed in our series on auto accidents at low and high speeds. Some individuals experience indicators of ....

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  • Chiropractic in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy - Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season

    Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season

    A lot of us feel this way around the holidays. The extra carbs, deserts, snacks and social drinking of the Holiday season can usually put a few extra pounds on us all. Personally, I always used to dread the holidays and what it might bring come the New Year. After struggling for many years and over eating during this season, I have found a few things that seem to work for me that I want to share with you!
    Healthy Snacking
    First, healthy snacking throughout the day to prevent over eating. This topic is HUGE. I usually snack all throughout the day during the major Holidays. Then when its meal time, I still over eat because there are so many wonderful things to put on our plates. Well, ....

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  • Chiropractic in Edmonds - Head 2 Toe Spine & Sports Therapy - Swedish Hospital and the Reign

    Swedish Hospital and the Reign

    About a year ago our Clinic was asked to join a pilot program by Swedish Hospital. Swedish in its great wisdom realized that their patients love chiropractors AND chiropractors offer inexpensive solutions to many musculoskeletal conditions. Now, Swedish is a huge organization and pairing up with a bunch of wily chiropractors has been interesting but successful. Together we are able to get more and more people out of pain and moving the way they want to. The really exciting part of all of this is that Swedish is a sponsor for the Seattle Reign AND they asked us to provide Active Release Technique and chiropractic for the players. As I work day to day with these amazing athletes I am ....

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  • 5 Ways to Make A Sit-to-Stand Desk Work For You

    Converting to a sit-to-stand desk can be costly, clunky, and all around awkward. There are a handful of hurdles keeping you from getting one:
    Standing for hours on end can be hard, especially if you’re used to sitting. And many desks are laborious to change.
    They’re expensive and not all companies are willing to provide them for you.
    Those who work from home don’t always have the money or space to accommodate one. I’m here to show you different ways to create your own standing desk and how to make an existing one more comfortable.

    Make Your Own.
    There are a handful of options for adjusting the height of your computer. I recently just bought this little beauty ....

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  • BioG Cleanse

    BioGenesis 8-Day or 21-Day Cleanse

    Start fresh this new year, join us for a cleanse!
    Here at Head2Toe we spend a lot of our time taking care of our bodies inside and out. We eat pretty well, but we’re not perfect. Not even close! That’s why we like to do a nice spring cleaning once or twice a year to get a fresh start. What better time than the New Year? After the countless parties, gifts, and adult beverages during the holiday season we’re ready for a detox. It’s easy to fall into a downward spiral with nutrition. You’re doing pretty well and think you’ve earned a cheat this weekend. What’s two treats going to hurt? Well you probably should get ....

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